Bad Ending List

On this page I will list every movie and TV series that has what I think of as a bad ending. In general that means that the enemy or enemies (antagonist) win, and the hero or heroes (protagonist) loose.

In some cases I may list a movie or series where the hero may win in the end, but all they have done throughout the entire series is loose. A good example of this is the original Mad Max series.

In a few rare cases a movie comes along where you are rooting for the antagonist, so an ending where they win is actually a good ending. Valentine's Day with David Boreanaz is a good example of that.

I am not a movie critic and have no desire to be one. So these are not criticisms or reviews. This is a list of movies that, after watching them, I found myself unhappy with how they ended. That's it.

As Blogger does not appear to have an easy hide/show solution, I have opted for a low-tech way of adding extra detail, for those who want it. Simply click and drag from in front of the next title in the list to the end of the current title. The text is white in color, selecting it will reveal it. Please note that this content should be considered a spoiler, so if you don't want to read it, don't select it or the page!

VERY atmospheric, almost hypnotic movie, centered around a psychopathic girl. She doesn't get caught, bad ending, so it ends up here. One of the movies that makes you feel like you need a bath after watching it.
Long drawn-out bad story about a stupid, obsessed so-called hero.
Alone in the Dark (new version)
Stupid main character, stupid movie, stupidly bad ending.
Chasing Amy
Far too sad and not humorous at all - gay and lesbo elements to boot.
Really awful ending.
Cold Mountain
AWESOME movie, great atmosphere and acting with a pointless, stupid ending.
Dark Asylum
Guy rape crap.
HORRIBLE ending!
Evil Woods
No ghost, nothing supernatural, annoying guy, blood and gore, bad sound, stupid ending.
Fatal Contact
Awesome fighting, awesomely bad ending.
Funny Games
Fucks with reality, which is cool, but sucks and bad guys win. Family does everything wrong too.
Ghosts of EdenDale
Cheapy film behind a name brand company, glowing words on the back that don't reflect the title at all, near the end the girl's sister dies - killed by the girl's husband, and she's left to wander the streets as a crazy woman. Worst ending ever!
Horror 101
Stupid, pointless, nonsensical ending. Like the kids can't rush the psycho mom and her son, like they can use the knife and shovel looking thing to get out (despite the fact the door was jammed via a metal rod put into the latch on the other side - which probably could have been shaken out), and finally like the guys that pick up the freezer the next day wouldn't think it odd that the latch is jammed shut.
House of Sand and Fog
HORRIBLE ending!
House of 1000 Corpses
I Dream of Africa
Far too much death and sadness to be enjoyable despite awesome photography and acting.
In the Shadows
AWESOME movie all the way to the end! Pointless and meaningless death of the guy you've come to like and admire for what he did and was trying to do despite his circumstances.
King Solomon's Mines with Patrick Swayze
Long, drawn out, bad ending as usual for this kind of film (don't get treasure).
Ladder 49
SAD ending.
The mirror is never destroyed, the female hero character is smart enough to cover almost all the bases, but somehow forgets to mount the mirror higher on the wall, so that the device she rigs up will not hit anyone standing in front of the mirror. No backup plan for that! I would have used explosives on a mechanical timer as a final backup.
One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest
Bad ending.
Othello - or "o"
Really, really bad ending!
Red Riding Trilogy
Didn't really hate this - just a very dark, depressing and gross movie with an OK ending.
She's Crushed
Bad sound, average acting and photography - bad girl wins, never gets caught, every character she comes up against is a wuss, the guy who is supposed to fight her breaks down bawling and lets himself get hit on the head and lobotomized. One of the worse endings ever.
Shunned House
Storm of the Century
Bad guy never gets hurt, townspeople fuck over the guy that cared for them, wife betrays same guy, child gets taken.
The Last Exorcism
Some cool stuff but horrible ending.
The Patriot with Mel Gibson
Young couple's love is because the the oldest son of Mel Gibson's character gets killed. Stupid and pointless, I didn't like how that was written in.
White Squall
AWESOME until the end, with his wife staring dully up at him as the boat sinks, and other such pointless deaths.
Wild Things 2
The good guy gets screwed over and the bad guys get away with it.

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