Thursday, July 18, 2013

Why License Plate Reading Squad Cars are A Bad Idea

Why license plate readers are worthless.

So let's say you are a criminal. Maybe just a thug working for someone, maybe a contract killer. Doesn't matter. The first thing you know as a criminal is that you don't want to be noticed by cops. So the first thing you do is learn what the cops are doing to find people like you. Inevitably you will discover that there are cruisers out there with license plate readers. So what do you do? Simple. Steal another car. Hell, stel a dozen cars or so and leave the police chasing them all over the city. Or perhaps you simply steal a license plate from someone else's car, and give them the license plate the reader will be looking for. Now you have caused a whole bunch of confusion. Switch plates a few more times and the cops will never find you. Or, if you are really hi-tech and professional, just manufacture a plate that looks real with real looking tags that would pass visual and electronic inspection. Whatever the case may be, the cops will never find you, the license plate readers have been nullified, and you will be in and out of the city, maybe even the country, before the police ever pick up your trail.

Even the dumbest of criminals can figure this out and use it to their advantage. So the taxpayers are wasting money on this, the same as they would be if we were to pass stricter gun control laws. License plate readers can only catch non-career criminals, or really, really stupid career criminals. That's all they can do. The cost then of violating the general public's right to privacy is too high. But it gets worse.

Maybe 99% of all cops are hard working, honest people. But there are still police officers who are, "on the take" as they say in the movies. There are also police officers emotionally invested in catching someone and they will do whatever it takes, at the expense of an individual's personal rights, to find whoever they are after. So these license plate readers are at serious risk of being abused. Sure, they are not supposed to drive by mosque's. But I'll bet you, especially with terrorist activity on the rise, that they have been, will be, and are. Even the good, honest hard working cops. Why?

Simple. To a police officer it's the same US VS THEM mentality. The brothers in blue against the criminals. Muslims VS Christians. As long as any sort of division mentality exists in the mind of a person, especially a police officer, they can not be unbiased. They can not simply enforce the law, they must also execute justice. The temptation will always be there, nagging in the back of even the most rule-book following public official. Give them things like license plate reading cars and the temptation becomes stronger. They are already carrying around guns, nightsticks, taser, perhaps a shotgun and vest in the trunk. How much more power do they need?

It is said that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. This is the tendency in human beings, but it doesn't have to be the reality. I want to be clear on this. I am sure there are some officers who follow the rules, no matter what, never let emotions control them, never give in to that nagging in the back of their mind. And more officers could be like them if they wanted to. But the reality is that these truly honorable police officers are the minority.

When it comes down to it, based on past experience only, with no psychic powers telling me what the future holds, I can say that its too big a risk to give cops and others in positions of authority any more power. There should not be able to monitor us, to use cameras on us without our permission, or scan our license plates. These things can be used against us, both by the authority figures and the terrorists/criminals that they are supposedly protecting us against. It is a double-edged sword with no handle, only to cut even in defense.

Now I am not creating or investing energy into a reality where any of this happens. I live in the present moment. So all possibilities exist for the future. Which means that authority figures could all of a sudden become immune to corruptibility just as easily as they could succumb to it. Both possibilities exist. I invest my energy into a future society that is more spiritual and no longer in need of police officers or any authority figures. Where we are all so spiritually evolved that there just isn't any crime or any need to be led.

That said, at this present moment, the risk of corruption is too great, based solely on past experience, and I think these license plate reading devices should be disabled. Just as I think that gun control laws are worthless, because they only affect law-abiding citizens. A better solution needs to be found, more thought and intelligence should be put into these issues. We need to outsmart the criminal mind, not out-gun it.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Another new series just started! Blender Age Builders.

In this series I show you how to make your own ages for Uru Complete Chronicles in Blender. You can see the videos and access all the necessary links here:
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