Friday, May 15, 2015

A Few Questions To Consider Regarding Shell-No! and Artic Drilling

I caught a glimpse of this on the news today. If you are in the Seattle area, you can see this rig parked and ready to go. Some things in the news segment caught my attention. Rather than go into some big huge article, how about a few questions?

First of all the government is supposed to represent the people, correct? Well the people have made it very clear we do not want arctic drilling. Yet Obama went ahead and gave Shell the green light? Why? We know it's not because of any uncertainty. Look at the security they have around the rig! They know we don't want Shell to drill in the arctic, or else they would not have all that security in place and this 500 yard perimeter around it. So why are they going ahead with something we, the American people, do not want?

Secondly a law enforcement official of some sort made a comment they they could not comment on what would happen if someone breached the perimeter. Why? All law enforcement is there to protect and serve the people. They work for us, not the corporations and not the government. So it seems to me that we should be the first to know exactly what would happen if we crossed that perimeter. It has nothing to do with public safety. So what are we not privy to know the details of the law and how it will be enforced?

We, the American people, were not given a chance to vote on arctic drilling. We have not been given a chance to vote on switching to electric cars, which would remove our dependance on oil and help the environment. We were not given a chance to vote on many of our laws and the consequences should we break them. Our president is doing things in our name we don't even want, and so are our law enforcement officials.

So my last question... Have you even considered these two questions regarding this issue? Now that you have been presented with them, what will you do about it? Here is one step you can take:

I will post more later on the TPP and revoking the Patriot Act. For now here are some more links:

Sunset the Patriot Act

I feel naked - stop the NSA from spying on us:

Say no to the Trans Pacific Partnership

Monday, May 4, 2015

Online Dating - Information and My Experiences So Far

I will be adding to this later. Right now I wanted to warn users looking into geek2geek, AKA gk2gk. It actually is a scam. If you go to, you will see the exact same interface.

Both sites claim to be 100% free, and just from looking at geek2geek, I can safely asume both do not tell you about the various memberships you can pay for. There is a free membership, but you can not contact anyone other than gold members, so I have read elsewhere.

geek2geek would have you believe that it is %100 free, as it says right there on the front page. But that is a lie. You can not contact other members, with the exception of gold members, unless you upgrade to a paying, silver membership.

There is a thread at that talks about the autopay service you get put into if you do sign up for a paying membership:

Experience has taught me that when a site claims it is %100 free, but is misleading you, and hiding the information about its costs and memberships, it is best to avoid it.

Now one last thing... I will post a full review later, but OK Cupid does let you message people, unlike most other "free" dating sites. But OK Cupid is not as good as everyone seems to be saying. In brief:

If you are a handsome male or pretty female, not overweight at all, interested in those no more than 5 years to either side of your age, OK Cupid will work for you.

If you are are not a handsome male, or pretty female, and are a little overweight, interested in anyone outside of 5 years to either side of your age, and especially interested in anyone handsome or attractive, OK Cupid will not work for you.

OK Cupid forces you to be matched with people no more than 5 or so years older or younger than your age.

OK Cupid also forces you to be matched with people who share your body type. In other words, if you are not a handsome male or attractive female or are overweight, you will be matched with other unattractive, overweight people.

OK Cupid is also plagued with the following:
- More Christians than anyone spiritual but not religious.
- More women with children.
- Inappropriate matches with those of the same sex showing up, even if you have specified that you are straight, and looking for straight members of the opposite sex. I just received an email with a guy in the people I was matched to.

As I said I will do a full review later. detailing all my experiences. But the long and the short of it is that OK Cupid is not fun, and it is not for anyone who is interested in those younger and more attractive then themselves.