Thursday, December 3, 2015

NewEgg sucks!

Just a quick blog entry to tell you about my recent purchase at NewEgg. I have been a customer for many, many years, over a decade as a matter of fact. The computer I am using to write this article was built with components purchased at NewEgg. They have always been my go-to place for computer hardware.

But just as Hard Forums stopped being a good place to go to get computer related advice, NewEgg is no longer a good place to purchase computer related electronics. The only advantage they have over Amazon is that it is far easier to search through items, while at Amazon you have to wade through literally dozens of pages of crap, because Amazon is not keeping a good eye on its sellers. You will see the same mouse, listed from $19.95 to $24.95, often several of the same mice, usually a minimum of a dozen pages you have to scroll through. NewEgg is slightly infected in the same way, but you can select NewEgg products and still have a wide selection of higher quality stuff to go through. If you select Amazon as the seller all of a sudden you loose about 80% of your results.

What I can not forgive is NewEgg's return policy. I just purchased a refurbished keyboard/mouse setup from them. I only had to take it out of the box, identify the slant of the keys was not enough of me, and that the keys had stickers for the letters, to know that I wanted to return it for a refund. Guess how much that is going to cost me, as there is nothing wrong, as far as I know, with the product? A $5.00 restocking fee and $14.00 for a shipping label, which is supposed to be prepaid if I am returning within the time limit, which I am. I don't think the keyboard mouse set is worth the price of its return, and as it is a $50.00 retail item at least, I am just disgusted with the whole thing. For those who want to know its a Logitech Wave keyboard and mouse set. I think the price was about $30.00 for refurbished OEM.

If I had purchased this from Amazon I would have been able to return it with no restocking fee, and a good chance of free UPS pickup! I guess that is one more advantage that NewEgg has, you can find refurbished stuff. I have never seen anything like that at Amazon. The only other place is Tiger Direct, where I got a MadCatz RAT 5 for $19.99 and the TV I am currently using.

The worst thing about this whole thing is that I was price watching all through Black Friday. NewEgg had an EVGA and MSI mouse, among others, listed at $19.99. I had already ordered the RAT 5 so I waited. There was nothing, and I mean nothing, saying these prices were for a limited time. I watch for that green text next to the items listed at NewEgg like a hawk! Well now these mice have had their prices increased $10.00 - $20.00! I can only assume it is to price gouge shoppers for Christmas. It's just sad, and Amazon is doing the same fucking thing!

I have had enough I have to say. From the consistently higher prices at Amazon, the endless pages of repetitive junk listings, the $20.00 shipping costs for items that don't weigh more than a few ounces and aren't fragile or anything. To NewEgg's policy of profiting from its shoppers in its return and restocking fees. I think I am done with NewEgg for now, and I am about ready to quit Amazon. But at least at Amazon I can try something and return it almost effortlessly, and for very little cost.

Let this be a warning to you about NewEgg. The prices are $10.00 - $20.00 over what they were just a week ago, because they are trying to make money off of you for Christmas. If you buy something from them, and want to return it simply because you are not happy with the item. you will pay a huge restocking fee and shipping label fee, unless you opt to ship it yourself, and I can't guarantee you will save any money that way either.