Saturday, February 8, 2014

Some Thoughts About UFOs and A Few Other Things...

So I just watched some episodes of National Geographic American Paranormal and Weird or What. It's more my dad's sort of thing than mine. Anyhow I had a few thoughts about things I wanted to share.

To start with this huge, flying V everyone saw some years back in Arizona. I was really disappointed with the theories they presented. Since they didn't mention this, I thought I would. Now, before I begin, please note. I am not a scientist. I was home-schooled and the science material was scarce, as well as Christian influenced. I have never cracked open a physics book to my knowledge, although I tell myself that someday I will. So we're going on simple logic here, based on what little I do know. OK?

So the earth has a pull called gravity. The more mass an object has, the stronger the pull. That's why throwing an ant off the Empire State Building will probably do nothing but cause the critter to fly for a while. However throwing off an elephant will create quite a mess.

If there is an energy pulling down, then there must exist its opposite, an energy pushing up. Not only that, but it will be the exact equivalent. So the key is to reverse the pulling energy, turning it into pushing energy. Use the earth's gravity. This is my idea of what anti-gravity is. This is how I would define it. Probably not scientifically accurate. But the basics should be correct.

That means a 1/3 mile object flying above the earth's surface, weighing a helluva lot, has, but its very mass, the ability to push itself above the earth's surface using the planet's gravity. All that has to be done is figure out how to power this, and of course how to reverse the pull of gravity.

This also easily explains the abilities of the craft, sudden acceleration and 90 degree turns. The energy pushing up only has to be directed in the opposite direction of desired travel, and the use of something like flaps, as you see on airplane wings, would enhance the steering, much like a small rudder controls a large ship at sea.

It also explains how any living organism(s) inside could survive. Obviously if you can reverse the pull of gravity to power and propel your ship, you can reverse the effects of g-force, maybe even using the same systems. Neutralize the pushing back with a pulling ahead. Probably very much like a shield, although most likely not visible, around the ship, protecting it and its occupants.

Finally that light behind it, before it accelerated away? That was a charge-up. The lights have something to do with how it transforms the pull of gravity into a push, and what we see here is the exhaust, so-to-speak. Red would be the color after a power up for a sudden acceleration, it is most likely generated between the wings, explaining the design. If scientists understood how this system worked, the design would then make perfect sense.

Oh and the see-through effect? More than likely something like a light bending effect, maybe the result of the shield around the craft, which would also explain the haze around it.

Very simply explanation, and I didn't need a PHD to come up with it, so why was this not mentioned? You do know that anti-gravity is being worked with, right now, don't you? But this brings me to my next thought.

I have no facts or figures to back this up, and I am not saying we are doomed or the situation is hopeless. Understand that I try to live fully in the present moment, and any though given to the future is one of man living harmoniously with each other and the planet.

Recent research has come to light that vast amounts of money, I can't remember the word for it, black-something, has been put towards keeping everyone in the dark about the actual state of the environment. This is money that can not be traced to any source. Apparently the earth is in far worse shape than we thought.

This troubled me, not for the obvious reason, but for another one. If the wealthy and powerful, and one has to assume the wealthy and powerful are behind this, want to keep us in the dark about the actual state of our planet, want to keep us being consumers right up to the very end, what is their end game? Aren't they doomed like the rest of us? I mean if the planet dies, we all die, end of story. So why would they hasten their own destruction? I can't believe they're stupid enough to believe something like if they ignore it it will go away. What is their agenda, their escape plan?

I might have put it together tonight. Let's assume for a moment that none of the UFOs we have seen are of alien origin. That they are instead from earth. Well this theory has a strong possibility of holding up simply due to the fact of all the classified, destroyed, hidden and suppressed technology out there. There are gigs of the stuff on the internet, free energy information, all kinds of inventors, but their work has been kept from the public eye. Some of Nikola Tesla's works has been classified, and it is rumored that he was developing a system of sending power wirelessly. He was able to light up a field of light bulbs at a time roughly 100 years ago when the tech for this did not exist.

So here is my theory... There is a group or a collective or several groups or collectives that have been stockpiling advanced technology. They then continue to develop and research this technology. They operate outside of the government and the military, although they may have some arrangement where they share military tech to remain autonomous. Chances are our political leaders know nothing about them, that only a few in the military do.

They began testing various crafts and propulsion systems in the 1950s. Our first UFOs. They allowed rumors to spread such as Rosewill, but they have little, if any, connection to the military. Their bases are well hidden and probably protected by billions of dollars, as well as possible technology that hides them from satellites, or simply having control of satellites over their area. My guess is that they started underground somewhere, and have since developed the tech to cloak themselves, much like the light bending shield that made the flying V appear transparent.

They started then, maybe even earlier, but perhaps the 50's was when they rolled out their first craft. My guess is the design has something to do with the craft's propulsion. They have been rolling out craft, with newer and newer tech, as they perfect the technology. The final goal is not for military ends. At least not directly. They intend to leave.

Whether they want to leave the earth because they saw, years ago, the way things would go - perhaps had some technology that revealed this to them, or if they started with an idea to venture out into space and now they are escalating things because of the condition of the environment, I don't know. But my guess is that this group of collective is preparing to leave the earth, and only the cream of the crop, by their definition, is going with them.

These tests of theirs would also explain the denials from the military. Obviously they can't have us panicking. There is an invader here, and until they know what the hell is going on, they will keep the civilian population in the dark. But it explains the occasional dog fight between the air force and these craft. There is no way the air force could succeed. These craft, for the most part, block, jam or simply do not appear on radar, and we can safely assume most other forms of military tracking are useless. Any missile fired would strike the shield and do no damage, assuming the missile could even track or lock onto the target.

So there you have it folks. I am by no means saying aliens aren't out there. But all the alien encounters I have heard of sound exactly like testing. Human subjects being tested for various purposes, in preparation of space flight, and craft with advanced propulsion systems being tested for the same reason. The whole alien thing and the raging fire of conspiracy theories that surround it only serve to mask what is really going on. Makes it easier to hide what you are doing on earth when everyone is staring at the stars. It's just magician slight of hand. Draw our collective attention over here, while the trick is performed over there.

So what are your thoughts on this? On my theory here? Feel free to comment!

UPDATE: So after watching another episode of Weird or What I think I know what their plan may be. Apparently there is something called, "Time Dilation." Essentially if you took a craft out, fast enough, for a tour around the edges of our galaxy, something like 23 years would pass for you. However here on earth something like 150,000 years would have gone by. Long enough for an ice age and for the planet to renew itself I'll bet. Especially if they took some plant and animal seeds with them. They could come back and start over.

So what do you think? Could this be their plan?

Saturday, February 1, 2014

C++ Without Fear by Brian Overland - Exercise 04.01.01 - Corrected Code

If you are working through this book, before you look at the code, I encourage you to download the source files yourself, from here:

The source code is found in the Downloads tab, where you click on the word here. Do not click on the website link, as it goes to an unrelated website.

Study the code for this exercise after you have tried to work through it on your own. HINT, you will need to use a function! See if you can get it to work on your own. If you remain unable to do so, refer back to this post.

Here is the corrected Source Code:
#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

int factorial(int num);

int main() {
    int n;

    cout << "Enter a number and press ENTER: ";
    cin >> n;

    cout << "Function returned " << factorial(n) << endl;
    return 0;

int factorial(int n) {
    int product = 1;

    for (int i = 1; i <= n; i++)
        product = product * i;
    return product;

I will post any additional exercises or assignments that need correction as I work through the book.