Sunday, August 31, 2014

Don't be so hasty to give away your guns!

I just heard on the news about people turning in their unwanted firearms for gift cards. I have a message for these people. I predict that the more guns we give away, the more unarmed police shootings we will have. More racially profiled death without cause.

Take a moment to consider two things:

1. Only law-abiding citizens honor gun control laws and are concerned with gun safety, generally speaking.

2. It is law enforcement agencies pushing gun control laws and asking for your guns. It is law enforcement agencies collecting your guns.

3. People have fought and died for the right to keep and bear arms. If the time comes to resist law enforcement, because the people whose orders they are following need to be resisted, what are you going to fight with?

By giving away your guns you are giving away your freedom, plain and simple. For the illusion of safety you are giving away your power to agencies that may not, and likely do not, have your best interests at heart.

Watch a video of a public protest under attack by law enforcement agencies. Those officers are supposed to be there, protecting those people. What do you see? Riot shields, tear gas, night sticks. Guns with rubber bullets. The police are all heavily armored. In some cases bullets.

You are a human being. Do you really want to become a sheep, to be herded by the few, those in positions of power, who control the law enforcement agencies you are deluding yourself into believing are there solely to protect you?

To Serve and Protect is a bold faced lie. Yes, the police are enforcing the law. They are hunting down those who are a threat to the safety of the general populace. I am not saying that the police are not doing what we pay them, indirectly, to do. I am being generous of course. The police in Longview Washington couldn't find a stolen car, in a car lot, two streets over from the main drag. But I digress...

If those we elect, and in some cases, those we did not elect but who end up in power over us, do something that we need to gather and stand against, these same authority figures will call the police, who will eagerly and quickly answer, without question.

The police view themselves as a single group. A Brotherhood of Blue. All police, no matter the agency. It is them against you. The (in their classification system) common citizen. They are not focused on, and do not care, about those in positions of authority within your government. They are focused solely on you.

By the way, who writes the laws? Who is it that says what is right or wrong? Legal or illegal? Not you. Your vote has little effect. You are told what is right or wrong by your religion, whatever that may be. You are told what is legal and illegal by your government. And the police are the government's enforcers, not your protectors. The exception to the rule being, of course, the loved ones of the members of the police.

So I advise you to keep those guns you have laying around. I advise you very strongly to keep them. Get those trigger lock things, lock the guns away in one place, lock the keys away in another. Don't just lock the guns away, lock their triggers and then lock the guns away. Or, better yet, if you can disassemble them and lock the firing pin away separately, do that. But keep the guns. It only takes common sense to figure out how to keep them safely. Because you will need them, for two reasons:

1. Criminals will always have guns, no matter what laws are passed. If you want to defend yourself against them, you need a gun, or a decade of Krav Maga practice along with a knife and the knowledge of how to use it.

2. The time will come, very soon I suspect, when we will have to rise against our government, and since they have both the police and the military, we damn well better have our guns! If you don't believe that is necessary, study North Korea and Russia.

Consider yourself warned!